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Demo Abstract: Pipeline Network Coding for Multicast Streams


This demonstration aims to present a testbed of an advanced network coding scheme, pipeline network coding, for multicast streams. Conventional network coding approaches are mostly based on a block-based coding scheme. The block-based coding scheme (batch coding scheme) introduces noticeable coding delay as well as results in discarding generations that have not enough coded packets received. The proposed pipeline network coding relaxes the limitation of encoding and decoding based on a whole block of data. We implement our pipeline network coding scheme on Click modular router. The testbed experiment shows a significant delay reduction as well as a remarkable packet delivery ratio improvement for multicast applications. Also, the streaming quality is improved by up to 10dB in PSNR value (peak signal-to-noise ratio)

Paper: PDF file of paper

Information & Date

INFOCOM 2010 Demo Session, San Diego, CA USA, March. 2010


Phillip Tao
Chien-Chia Chen
Soon Young Oh
Mario Gerla
M. Y. “Medy” Sanadidi