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Secure, Selective Group Broadcast in Vehicular Networks using Dynamic Attribute Based Encryption


Ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption (CPABE) provides an encrypted access control mechanism for broadcasting messages. Basically, a sender encrypts a message with an access control policy tree which is logically composed of attributes; receivers are able to decrypt the message when their attributes satisfy the policy tree. A user’s attributes stand for the properties that he current has. It is required for a user to keep his attributes up-to-date. However, this is not easy in CP-ABE because whenever one attribute changes, the entire private key, which is based on all the attributes, must be changed. In this paper, we introduce fading function, which renders attributes ”dynamic” and allows us to update each one of them separately. We study how choosing fading rate for fading function affects the efficiency and security.We also compare our design with CP-ABE and find our scheme performs significantly better under certain circumstance.

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Information & Date

MedHocNets 2010, Juan-les-pins, France , June. 2010


Nanxi Chen
Mario Gerla
Dijiang Huang
Xiaoyan Hong