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Dynamic Attributes Design in Attribute Based Encryption


In the past, sending encrypted messages to a group of users is not easy since it requires a shared group key in advance. Ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption (CPABE) achieves true that anyone who is expected to see the message content can decrypt messages in the absence of group keys. Say, a sender encrypts messages with an access control policy tree which is composed of attributes; a receiver is able to decrypt messages as long as his/her attributes satisfy the policy tree. CPABE saves the cost to distribute group keys; however, it does require users to keep their attributes up to date. In CPABE, updating attributes is not so efficient because if any attribute changes, the whole Private Key, which contains all the attributes, has to be updated. In this paper, by introducing fading function, we make attributes ”dynamic” and allow attributes to be updated separately. We study how choosing different time unit of fading function affects the efficiency and security, and also compare our design with CPABE under certain circumstances. In the final, we present attribute delegation in non-trusted environment.

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Information & Date

Annual Conference of ITA (ACITA), University of Maryland University College, September. 2009


Nanxi Chen
Mario Gerla