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AutoGait: A Mobile Platform that Accurately Estimates the Distance Walked


AutoGait is a mobile platform that autonomously discovers a user’s walking profile and accurately estimates the distance walked. The discovery is made by utilizing the GPS in the user's mobile device when the user is walking outdoors. This profile can then be used both indoors and outdoors to estimate the distance walked. To model the person’s walking profile, we take advantage of the fact that a linear relationship exists between step frequency and stride length, which is unique to individuals and applies to everyone regardless of age. Autonomous calibration invisible to users allows the system to maintain a high level of accuracy under changing conditions. AutoGait can be integrated into any pedometer or indoor navigation software on handheld devices as long as they are equipped with GPS. The main contribution of this paper is two fold: (1) we propose an autocalibration method that trains a person’s walking profile by effectively processing noisy GPS readings, and (2) we build a prototype system and validate its performance by performing extensive experiments. Our experimental results confirm that the proposed auto-calibration method can accurately estimate a person's walking profile and thus significantly reduce the error rate.

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Information & Date

IEEE PerCom'10, Mannheim, Germany, April. 2010


Dae-Ki Cho
Min Mun
Uichin Lee
William J. Kaiser
Mario Gerla