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BluEyes – Bluetooth Localization and Tracking


With GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation, localization and tracking technology has existed and heavily utilized for the past couple years. However, people do not always carry GPS and Wi-Fi devices on them at all times, making localization not always readily available. With millions of Bluetooth phones being carried around everywhere, Bluetooth has become one of the most accessible wireless technologies carried by a person at any given time. Is it possible then to build a localizing and tracking system using Bluetooth radios This paper proposes BluEyes, a system model for localizing and tracking a Bluetooth device by having sensor nodes measure the RSSI of the tracked device and estimating the position of the device by comparing the measured RSSI value to previously learned RSSI values at all positions on the map. We improve the accuracy of the location estimation by calculating the distance of live samples to the previously learned samples and choose the coordinate to which the current samples seem closest. Furthermore, we implement auto-regression on distance calculations to improve accuracy. We present experimental results that demonstrate the ability of BluEyes to track and locate a device with very good accuracy even when the device is mobile.

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Information & Date

NRL Internal Report, UCLA, November. 2008


Ei Darli Aung
Jonathan Yang
Dae-Ki Cho
Mario Gerla