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C-VeT an open research platform for VANETs: Evaluation of Peer to Peer Applications in Vehicular Net


The UCLA Vehicular Testbed [6] has been designed to provide a flexible and fully virtualized platform to test the newly designed protocols for vehicular networks. The rationale behind a campus testbed lies on the idea that a campus may be considered a good model of a small city. In particular UCLA, with its 15 acre campus, can be compared to downtown in an average US city or to a small city itself. The campus landscape contains all the features typical of a city such as high rise buildings as well as low raise ones, parks, parking structures and roads of every size. The mobility patterns inside the campus are driven by a number of activities very similar to those present in any US downtown. For instance, the campus environment features a police department, a fire department, a post office and a facility management service that continuously patrol the campus road while on duty. Similarly to what happens in a real city, everyday routine performed by the campus citizens (i.e. students, faculties, staff, and visitors) frequently involves driving, leading to urban-like mobility patterns. Students, for example go to the Registry office for their paperwork as citizens go to the city hall, etc. C-VeT benefits from UCLA’s campus features in terms of landscape, infrastructure and mobility to provide a realistic vehicular network testbed benefitting the research community in this field. In particular, C-VeT exploits the facility management mobility and the campus wide wireless infrastructure to provide a fully virtualized and web-accessible platform for researchers to develop a new generation of protocols for Vehicular ad hoc Networks (VANETs).

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International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WiVeC 2008), Calgary, Canada, September. 2008


Eugenio Giordano
Andrea Tomatis
Abhishek Ghosh
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla