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Vehicular Urban Sensing: Dissemination and Retrieval


There has been growing interest in urban surveillance using vehicles that monitor the environment, classify the events, e.g., license plate reading, and exchange metadata with neighbors in a peer-to-peer fashion. The idea is to create a totally distributed index of all the events, to be accessed by users. For instance, the Department of Transportation extracts traffic congestion statistics; the Department of Health monitors pollutants, and; the Police carries out forensic investigations. Mobile, vehicular sensing differs significantly from fixed (wireless) sensing. The vehicles have no strict limits on battery life, processing power and storage capabilities. Moreover they can generate an enormous volume of data, making current sensor harvesting solutions inadequate. In this talk we describes MobEyes, a middleware solution that diffuses data summaries to create a distributed index of the massive sensed data base. We discuss the challenges of designing and maintain such a system, from information dissemination to harvesting, routing and security.

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Distinguished Lecture, North Carolina State University, January. 2009


Mario Gerla