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A Cross-Comparison of Advanced TCP Protocols in High Speed and Satellite Environments


In today’s ever-changing network, new challenges arise with the presence of various types of physical links, such as high speed, satellite, and wireless networks. The common solution is to create a new TCP algorithm that is optimized for each challenge encountered. One example of this is TCP Hybla, which was designed to tackle satellite paths. On the other hand, there are other protocols that claim to be more adaptive to different scenarios, like TCP Adaptive Westwood. In this study, we explore the tradeoffs between utilization and coexistence of both these protocols in two networks: a high-speed and a satellite with identical (and large) Bandwidth-Delay Product. Our goal is to make a comparison of the issues solved by both protocols in both of these scenarios.

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Information & Date

Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems, 2008. ASMS '08. 4th, , August. 2008


Cesar Marcondes
Jerrid Matthews
Robert Chen
M.Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla