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TO-GO: TOpology-assist Geo-Oppertunistic Routing in Urban Vehicular Grids


Road topology information has recently been used to assist geo-routing, thereby improving the overall performance. However, the unreliable wireless channel nature in urban vehicular grids (due to motion, obstructions, etc) still creates problems with the basic greedy forwarding. In this paper, we propose TO-GO (TOpology-assisted Geo-Opportunistic Routing), a geo-routing protocol that exploits topology knowledge acquired via 2-hop beaconing to select the best target forwarder and incorporates opportunistic forwarding with the best chance to reach it. The forwarder selection takes into account of wireless channel quality, thus significantly improving performance in error and interference situations. Extensive simulations confirm TO-GO superior robustness to errors/losses as compared to conventional topology-assisted geographic routing.

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Information & Date

In IEEE WONS 2009 , Snowbird, Utah, February. 2009


Kevin C. Lee
Uichin Lee
Mario Gerla