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Adaptive Bandwidth Share Estimation in TCP Westwood


TCP Westwood (TCPW) is a recently proposed sender side modification of TCP congestion control. TCPW relies on bandwidth share estimation techniques to enhance congestion control over high speed and/or wireless networks. The bandwidth share estimation methods turn out to be critical to guarantee both throughput improvement and friendliness towards widely used TCP protocols such as NewReno. In this paper we propose a new bandwidth share estimation technique, called "Adaptive Bandwidth Share Estimation", or ABSE. ABSE adapts to changing network congestion level, round trip times, and other relevant network conditions, as well as to the rate at which such changes occur. We compare the throughput gain and friendliness of ABSE with that of NewReno and previous estimation methods used for TCPW. We test the new technique using different simulation scenarios, including RED, to show the benefit of our proposed ABSE estimation method.

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Information & Date

Globecom 2002, Taipei, Taiwan, November. 2002


Ren Wang
Massimo Valla
M.Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla