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Enhancing Transport Layer Capability in HAPS-Satellite Integrated Architecture


The use of HAPS/UAV to enhance telecommunication capabilities has been proposed as an effective solution to support hot spot communications in limited areas. To ensure communication capabilities even in case of emergency (earthquake, power blackout, chemical/nuclear disaster, terrorist attack), when terrestrial fixed and mobile infrastructures are damaged or become unavailable, the access to satellites represents a reliable solution with worldwide coverage, even though it may suffer from shadowing impairment, especially in an urban environment. In this paper we approach an innovative and more challenging architecture foreseeing HAPS/UAV connected to the satellite in order to enlarge coverage and to allow interconnection with very remote locations. In this scenario, we have analysed TCP-based applications proposing some innovative techniques, both at protocol and at architectural level, to improve performance. In particular, we propose the use of a PEP technique, namely splitting, to speed up window growth in spite of high latency, combined with TCP Westwood as a very efficient algorithm particularly suitable and well performing over satellite links.

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Wireless Personal Communications, Springer Science+Business Media B.V. , , February. 2005


Claudio E. Palazzi