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First Responders' Crystal Ball: How to Scry the Emergency from a Remote Vehicle


Successes and failures during rescue operations after hurricane Katrina and the Twin Towers attack demonstrated the importance of supporting first responders with adequate means to perform their operations in an effective and safe way. From a networking point of view, one of the main challenges is that of providing first responders with multimedia information about the emergency as soon as possible, even from a remote location. To this aim, we designed an inter-vehicular communication system able to quickly discover and transmit real time multimedia information from around a crisis area to approaching first responders’ vehicles. As vehicular communications are highly variable in nature, we endowed our system with a transmission range estimator that is put to good use to reduce the number of hops that a video triggering message sent by a vehicle will experience to reach its destination. Experimental results demonstrate the efficacy of our scheme in reducing the message delivery time and the traffic generated.

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IPCCC 2007 / NetCri07 IEEE International Workshop on Research Challenges in Next Generation Networks for First Responder, New Orleans, LA, April. 2007


Marco Roccetti