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SenProbe: Path capacity Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks


The infusion of mobile computing elements (e.g. data mules, mobile actuators/sinks and etc.) into Wireless Sensor Networks undoubtedly requires the knowledge of various wireless network properties to fasten their interactivity. Moreover, since the rate of a wireless link can vary dynamically and rapidly due to changes in interference, distance, or energy optimization policy, timely knowledge of the end-to-end path capacity in WSN can be of great assistance to more efficient routing and traffic management. Particularly, information on end-to-end path capacity can be used to assess the applicability of a given WSN deployment, and determine whether the deployment meets the requirements of its intended applications. In this paper, we propose SenProbe, an end-to-end path capacity estimation tool inspired by CapProbe concepts, yet specifically designed to work in the popular CSMA-CA based WSNs. With simulations and analysis, we evaluated the behavior and effectiveness of SenProbe, and showed that it is a simple and less intrusive technique that yields accurate results.

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The Wireless Traffic Measurements and Modeling Workshop (SenMetrics2005), in conjunction with Mobiquitious 2005, San Diego, USA, January. 2005


T. Sun