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GeoLANMAR: Geo Assisted Landmark Routing for Scalable, Group Motion Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


Network scalability becomes a critical issue when it is associated to the routing protocols for Ad Hoc networks. It is important to design protocols able to manage the state information stored in the mobile nodes and the control protocol overhead so that they scale to the increasing number of nodes in the network. Our proposed approach is to use a hybrid routing protocol, with local scope table-driven routing and long distance geo-forwarding. This approach permits to overcome possible location inaccuracies that affect flat geo-routing (e.g., inaccurate GPS) and most important to reduce the routing update overhead of flat link-state protocol. In this framework, the integration between geo-coordinate and table-driven IP addressing is introduced. The proposed protocol, called Geo Assisted Landmark Routing (GeoLANMAR), integrates group management with geo-forwarding and IP group management. Performance evaluation shows the scalability improvement of the GeoLANMAR protocol in terms of control overhead as compared with the standard Landmark routing protocol

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Information & Date

In Proceeding of the IEEE 61st Semiannual Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2005-Spring), Stockholm, Sweden, May. 2005


B. Zhou
F. De Rango
M. Gerla
S. Marano