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Digital Entertainment Delivery in a Wireless House: Time for a MAC Tuning


Computer-centered services and broadband wireless connectivity are going to allow a direct delivery of digital entertainment from the Internet to in-house mobile devices. Yet, current architecture and protocols are not optimized for an efficient coexistence of downloading flows and real-time ones. With current systems, in fact, real-time applications suffer from delays caused by the interference with the transmission behaviors of downloading ones. In this paper, we investigate the impact of MAC layer design choices on the distribution of in-house entertainment contents showing how current settings in the IEEE 802.11 protocol do not correspond to the optimal choice in this context. Finally, we provide directions to set MAC layer parameters in order to solve the tradeoff relationship between the performance requirements of downloading and real-time applications.

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China Communications, CIC, , October. 2006


Claudio E. Palazzi