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BlueTorrent: Cooperative Content Sharing for Bluetooth Users


People wish to enjoy their everyday lives in various ways, among which entertainment plays a major role. In order to improve lifestyle with more ready access to entertainment content, we propose BlueTorrent, a P2P file sharing application based on ubiquitous Bluetoothenabled devices such as PDAs, cellphones and smart phones. Using BlueTorrent, people can share audio/video contents as they move about shopping malls, airports, subway stations etc. BlueTorrent poses new challenges caused by limited bandwidth, short communications range, mobile users and variable population density. A key ingredient is efficient peer discovery. This paper approaches the problem by analyzing the Bluetooth periodic inquiry mode and by finding the optimum inquiry/connection time settings. At the application layer, the BlueTorrent index/block dissemination protocol is then designed and analyzed. The entire system is integrated and implemented both in simulation and in an experimental testbed. Simulation and measurement results are used to evaluate and validate the performance of BlueTorrent in content sharing scenarios.

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Information & Date

Elsevier Pervasive Mobile Computing, , June. 2007


Sewook Jung
Alexander Chang
Uichin Lee
Dae-Ki Cho
Mario Gerla