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Cooperative downloading in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


Increasing need for people to be “connected”; while at the same time remain as mobile as ever poses several in- teresting issues in wireless networks. It is conceivable in the near-future that wireless “hotspots” experience flash crowds-like traffic arrival pattern. A common phenomena in the Internet today characterized by sudden and unpre- dicted increase in popularity of on-line content. In this paper, we propose SPAWN, a cooperative strat- egy for content delivery and sharing in future vehicular net- works. We study the issues involved in using such a strategy from the standpoint of Vehicular Ad-Hoc networks. In par- ticular, we show that not only content server but also wire- less access network load reduction is critical. We propose a “communication efficient” swarming protocol which uses a gossip mechanism that leverages the inherent broadcast na- ture of the wireless medium, and a piece-selection strategy that takes proximity into account in decisions to exchange pieces. We show through simulation that gossip incorpo- rates location-awareness into peer selection, while incur- ring low messaging overhead, and consequently enhancing the swarming protocol performance. We develop an analyt- ical model to characterize the performance of SPAWN.

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Information & Date

WONS 2005, St Moritz, Switzerland (Best Paper award), January. 2005


Alok Nandan
Shirshanka Das
Giovanni Pau
Mario Gerla
M. Y. Sanadidi