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Performance Evaluation of a Mobile QoS Adaptation Strategy for Wireless ATM Networks


In this paper, we introduce an end-to-end QoS adaptation framework to resolve QoS inconsistencies as a result of mo- bile hando s in Wireless ATM (WATM) networks. We de- ne mobile QoS (M-QoS) to comprise of wired, wireless and hando QoS parameters. We introduce two forms of adaptation, namely: (a) application and (b) network QoS adaptation. The former is concerned with bandwidth, de- lay variation and packet loss adaptation by the mobile ap- plication while the latter refers to M-QoS ful llment, up- grade and downgrade. New procedures are de ned for M- QoS upgrade and downgrade, so that QoS `refresh' tra c is controlled and the overall time required to perform a hando remains largely una ected. Results obtained from a call-level mobile network simulator further con rms the advantages of the proposed QoS adaptation scheme.

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Information & Date

Proceedings of QoS Mini Conference in conjunction with IEEE ICC'99, Vancouver, Canada, June. 1999


George Lin
C-K. Toh