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Energy Efficient Clustering in Ad Hoc Networks


Ad hoc networking is one of the most challenging areas of wireless communication. An ad hoc network can be broadly defined as a fast deployable wireless network which can be characterized by a dynamic structure due to node mobility, unreliable media and limited power supply. Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects of the ad hoc network operation because mobile nodes are usually powered by batteries. Clustering in wireless ad hoc networks has been investigated in the past in order to enhance network manageability and channel efficiency. Moreover, clustering is indispensable for hierarchical routing or multicasting. However, every existing clustering mechanism requires a high refresh rate of cluster dependent information, and therefore introduces significant control overhead due to the limitations of the ad hoc network. The influence of the control overhead has been overlooked in most of the applications which rely on clustering. In fact, the loss due to the control overhead can easily offset the benefits offered by clustering.

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, , January. 2000


Taek Jin Kwon