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MACA-BI(MACA by invitation)-A Receiver Oriented Access Protocol for Wireless Multihop Networks


A novel wireless MAC protocol named MACA-BI (MACA By Invitation) is introduced. MACA-BI is a simplified version of the well known MACA (Multiple Access Collision Avoidance) protocol, which is based on the Request to Send/Clear to Send (RTS/CTS) handshake and which has inspired the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard. In MACA-BI, the RTS part of the RTS/CTS handshake is suppressed, leaving only the Clear to Send control message which can be viewed as an "invitation " by the receiver to transmit. This reduction greatly improves efficiency when radio turn-around time is significant with respect to packet transmission time. Yet, it preserves the "data " collision free property of MACA. Simulation results for various multihop topologies show that, when traffic characteristics are stationary or predictable, MACA-BI outperforms several known multiple access protocols, especially when "hidden terminal " conditions are predominant. I.

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Information & Date

PIMRC'97, , January. 1997


Fabrizio Talucci
Mario Gerla