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C-ICAMA, A Centralized Intelligent Channel Assigned Multiple Access for the Acess Net of Aerial Mobi


Multi-layer ad hoc wireless networks with UAVs is an ideal infrastructure to establish a rapidly deployable wireless communication system any time any where in the world for military applications. In this tactical environment, information traflc is quite asynimetric. Ground jighting units are information consumers and receive jar more data than they transmit. The up-link is used for sending requests for information and some networking configuration overhead with a f a 0 kilobits, while the down-link is used to return the data requested with megabits size (e.g. multimedia file of images and charts). Centralized Intelligent Channel Assigned Multiple Access(C-ICAMA) is a MAC layer protocol proposed for ground backbone nodes to access UAV (Unmanned Aerie1 Vehicle) to solve the highly asymmetric data trafic in this tactical environment. With it’s intelligent scheduling algorithm, it can dynamically allocate bandwidth for up-link and downlink to jit the instantaneous status of symmetric trafJic. The results of C-ICAMA is very promising, due to the dynamic bandwidth allocation of asymmetric i.ip-link and down-link, the access delay is tremendously reduced,

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Information & Date

WCNC 2000, ch, September. 2000


Daniel Gu
Henry Ly
Xiayoyan Hong
Mario Gerla
Guangyu Pei
Yeng-Zhong Lee