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BlueTorrent: Cooperative Content Sharing for Bluetooth Users


People wish to enjoy their everyday lives in various ways, among which entertainment plays a major role. In order to improve lifestyle with more ready access to enter- tainment content, we propose BlueTorrent, a P2P file shar- ing application based on ubiquitous Bluetooth-enabled de- vices such as PDAs, cellphones and smart phones. Using BlueTorrent, people can share audio/video contents as they move about shopping malls, airports, subway stations etc. BlueTorrent poses new challenges caused by limited band- width, short communications range, mobile users and vari- able population density. A key ingredient is efficient peer discovery. This paper approaches the problem by analyzing the Bluetooth periodic inquiry mode and by finding the op- timum inquiry/connection time settings. At the application layer, the BlueTorrent index/block dissemination protocol is then designed and analyzed. The entire system is integrated and implemented both in simulation and in an experimen- tal testbed. Simulation and measurement results are used to evaluate and validate the performance of BlueTorrent in content sharing scenarios.

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Information & Date

Fifth Annual Ieee International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2007) (Best Paper Award), White Plains, NY, March. 2007


Sewook Jung
Uichin Lee
Alexander Chang
Dae-Ki Cho
Mario Gerla