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Non-geographical Underwater Routing with No Proactiveness and Negligible On-demand Floods


In this paper we study non-geographical and mobile multi-hop ad hoc routing in a Underwater Sensor Network (UWSN), which is a novel network paradigm for ad hoc investigation of the world below the water surface using a wireless acoustic channel. However, the large propagation latency and very low bandwidth of the acoustic channel could potentially generate ubiquitous collisions and thus, any proactive protocol and floodingbased on-demand protocol is less efficient in this challenging new underwater environment. In this paper, we propose a multihop ad hoc routing and in-network processing protocol with no proactive routing message exchange and negligible amount of ondemand floods in the environment with homogeneous GPS-free nodes and random node mobility

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Information & Date

MobiCom 2006, Los Angeles, September. 2006


Uichin Lee
Jiejun Kong
Eugenio Magistretti
Luiz Filipe M. Vieira
Mario Gerla