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Performance Comparison of Overlaid Bluetooth Piconets (OBP) and Bluetooth Scatternet


In a large scale Bluetooth network, scatternet is regarded as the only interconnection method among piconets. But, most Bluetooth devices do not support scatternet connection. Moreover, in high mobility situations, scatternet is not useful because of frequent disconnections and reconnections. We propose Overlaid Bluetooth Piconets (OBP) to interconnect piconets and form a virtual scatternet. Every piconet continuously changes its stages and collects metadata of piconets in the communication range. If metadata shows existence of data to transfer, an inter-piconet connection is made and data is transferred. We compared throughput and efficiency of OBP with those of scatternet. Results show the feasibility of OBP usage instead of scatternet.

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Information & Date

IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference (WCNC'06), , April. 2006


Sewook Jung
Alexander Chang
Mario Gerla