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Integrated Hierarchical Routing for Heterogeneous Multi-hop Networks


Routing scalability in multi-hop wireless networks faces many challenges. The spatial concurrency constraint on nearby nodes sharing the same channel is the fundamental limitation. A recent theoretical study shows that the throughput furnished to each user is rapidly reduced as network size is increased. In order to solve this problem, we extended the Hierarchical State Routing scheme to a hierarchical multilayer environment. With the hierarchical approach, many problems caused by “flat” multi-hopping disappear. In the real battlefield, a multi-level physical heterogeneous network with UAVs provides an ideal support for the multi-area theater with large number of fighting units. Extended Hierarchical State Routing (EHSR) shows very promising results in this hierarchical infrastructure.

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Information & Date

IEEE MILCOM 2000, Los Angeles, CA, October. 2000


D.L. Gu
G. Pei
M. Gerla
X. Hong