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A Mobile Delay-tolerant Approach to Long-term Energy-efficient Underwater Sensor Networking


Underwater environment represents a challenging and promising application scenario for sensor networks. Due to hard constraints imposed by acoustic communications and to high power consumption of acoustic modems, in Underwater Sensor Networks (USN) energy saving becomes even more critical than in traditional sensor networks. In this paper we propose Delay-tolerant Data Dolphin (DDD), an approach to apply delaytolerant networking in the resource-constrained underwater environment. DDD exploits the mobility of a small number of capable collector nodes (namely dolphins) to harvest information sensed by low power sensor devices, while saving sensor battery power. DDD avoids energy-expensive multi-hop relaying by requiring sensors to perform only one-hop transmissions when a dolphin is within their transmission range. The paper presents simulation results to evaluate the effectiveness of randomly moving dolphins for data collection.

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Information & Date

IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference (WCNC), Hong Kong, March. 2007


Eugenio Magistretti
Jiejun Kong
Uichin Lee
Mario Gerla
Paolo Bellavista
Antonio Corradi