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Dynamic On-line Group-Tree Matching for Large Scale Group Communications: A Performance Study


Traditional IP multicast faces a serious state scalability problem when there are a large number of groups in the network. Recently, a novel approach called aggregated multicast was proposed [6], in which multiple groups share one delivery tree. A key problem in aggregated multicast is group-tree matching (i.e., assigning groups to trees). In this paper, we formally study the dynamic version of the group-tree matching problem. We propose a generic dynamic on-line algorithm (GDOA) and provide an approach to determine the upper bound on its performance. We quantitatively compare the performance of GDOA and other existing on-line heuristics. Extensive simulations demonstrate that GDOA is a very practical solution with promising performance and reasonable computation requirement.

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Information & Date

The 10th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2005), Cartagena, Spain, June. 2005


Jun-Hong Cui
Li Lao
M.Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla