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Inline Path Characteristic Estimation to Improve TCP Performance in High Bandwidth-Delay Networks


We present a measurement study of TCPW BBE (Bandwidth and Buffer Estimations) [5] and associated path characteristics estimation techniques over large pipes. Our study addresses the accuracy of our inline estimation methods used in TCPW BBE. Buffer size, capacity, and achieved rate estimation are used in TCPW BBE. We shed some light on the accuracy and speed of these estimates, and on the efficiency and friendliness resulting from using them in TCPW BBE. The results show that TCPW BBE alone is more efficient than Reno in that it provides much higher utilization of link bandwidth, while TCPW BBE is also shown to be friendly when co-existing with Reno.

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Information & Date

Fourth International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks (PFLDNET 2006), Nara, Japan, February. 2006


Cesar Marcondes
M.Y. Sanadidi
Mario Gerla
Hideyuki Shimonishi
Anders Persson
Tutomu Murase