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A VC-Based API for Renegotiable QoS in Wireless ATM Networks


Quality of Service (QoS) support for multimedia applications has been widely discussed in the context of high speed wired networks. As interest increases in wireless ATM networks that extend the connection to a wireless endpoint, the issue of QoS over a wireless link has to be addressed. In this paper, we focus on the provision of QoS at the application level in a wireless environment. Our work includes the design of an application programming interface (API) that allows applications to specify and renegotiate the QoS level during a call; as well as the implementation of such API in a wireless ATM testbed: the SWAN system [1]. Experiments are performed to verify the efficiency of this scheme, and the results reveal quality control for multimedia applications despite changing network conditions.

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Information & Date

ICUPC'97 , , January. 1997


T.-W. Chen
P. Krzyzanowski
M. R. Lyu
C. Sreenan
J. Trotter