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TCP Behavior across Multihop Wireless Networks and the Wired Internet


Emerging wireless ad hoc networks find their most important applications in untethered, mobile, multihop scenarios where there is no wired infrastructure. Yet, when the wired infrastructure (say, the Internet) is within reach, opportunistic connections to Internet sites may be established across the multihop network to transfer files and update databases. These file transfers use TCP for reliability and congestion control. However, recent experiments with ad hoc, multihop 802.11 networks have exposed serious instabilities when TCP connections span both wired and wireless domains. In particular, some TCP connections capture the wireless channel and drive the throughput on other connections virtually to zero. This is most surprising in view of the fact that connections between 802.11 (single hop) wireless LAN stations and the Internet are well behaved. In fact they are routinely used in most Campuses, Businesses and Research Labs. This paper is an experimental study of the unstable behavior of TCP across 802.11 ad hoc networks and the wired Internet. We investigate the fairness issues of multiple TCP flows as well as the coexistence of TCP flows and video streams in the wired/wireless scenario. Detailed analysis of the measurement results is also presented. The paper will prove very valuable to future commercial and military ad hoc networks.

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Information & Date

ACM Workshop on Mobile Multimedia (WoWMoM 2002), Atlanta, GA, October. 2002


Kaixin Xu
Sang Bae
Sungwook Lee
Mario Gerla