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Fair Sharing of MAC under TCP in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


In this study we investigate the performance of TCP and MAC layer in a wireless multi-hop network. Using simulation, we provide new insights into the interactions between TCP and various MAC layer protocols, including CSMA, FAMA and 802.11. These MAC protocols were chosen because they provide an evolution of wireless medium access schemes, starting with carrier sensing (CSMA), then evolving to the utilization of RTS/CTS control frames (FAMA) and finally progressing to collision avoidance and acknowledgements (802.11). We examine these interactions in various network topologies and in a mobile environment where node movements are unpredictable. In particular, we address the issue of fair sharing of MAC with multiple TCP flows.

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Information & Date

IEEE MMT'99, Venice, Italy, October. 1999


Ken Tang
Mario Gerla