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Adaptive Clustering for Mobile Wireless Networks


This paper describes a self-organizing, multihop, mobile radio network which relies on a code-division access scheme for multimedia support. In the proposed network architecture, nodes are organized into nonoverlapping clusters. The clusters are independently controlled, and are dynamically reconfigured as nodes move. This network architecture has three main advantages. First, it provides spatial reuse of the bandwidth due to node clustering. Second, bandwidth can be shared or reserved in a controlled fashion in each cluster. Finally, the cluster algorithm is robust in the face of topological changes caused by node motion, node failure, and node insertion/removal. Simulation shows that this architecture provides an efficient, stable infrastructure for the integration of different types of traffic in a dynamic radio network.

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Information & Date

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume: 15, Issue: 7 pp 1265-1275 , , September. 1997


Chunhung Richard Lin
Mario Gerla