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An IP-level Mobility Management Framework Based on Quasi-Registration in Wireless Technologies Conve


Abstract?Mobility support in the Internet access has become a significant issue as wireless/mobile communications and networking are becoming widespread. More recently, there are efforts to equip a mobile node with multiple wireless/mobile communications interfaces, which is so-called wireless technologies convergence. Under this circumstance, mobility management of the mobile node that can select the appropriate interface depending on situations is of crucial importance. We propose a framework for mobility management consisting of Mobile IP with Route Optimization, Regional Registration, and Smooth Handoff. Considering the mobility pattern in wireless technologies convergence, we propose a quasi-registration concept that alleviate the disruption in the handoff signaling. Also, we illustrate the signaling message flows in this framework and analyze the delay/disruption in registration and handoff.

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Information & Date

World Wireless Congress 2002, San Francisco, May. 2002


Ted Taekyoung Kwon
Mario Gerla