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A Group Mobility Model for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks


In this paper, we present a survey of various mobility models in both cellular networks and multi-hop networks. We show that group motion occurs frequently in ad hoc networks, and introduce a novel group mobility model - Reference Point Group Mobility (RPGM) - to represent the relationship among mobile hosts. RPGMcan be readily applied to many existing applications. Moreover, by proper choice of parameters, RPGM can be used to model several mobility models which were previously proposed. One of the main themes of this paper is to investigate the impact of the mobility model on the performance of a specific network protocol or application. To this end, we have applied our RPGM model to two different network protocol scenarios, clustering and routing, and have evaluated network performance under different mobility patterns and for different protocol implementations. As expected, the results indicate that different mobility patterns affect the various protocols in different ways. In particular, the ranking of routing algorithms is influenced by the choice of mobility pattern.

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Information & Date

MSWiM’99, Seattle, Washington , August. 1999


Xiaoyan Hong
Mario Gerla
Guangyu Pei
Ching-chuan Chiang