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Multicast Service Overlay Design


Recently, the notion of Multicast Service Overlay Network (MSON) has been introduced to address some of the de- ployment and maintenance problems of IP multicast and application-level multicast. Basically, an MSON is a back- bone service overlay provisioned by an MSON provider and designed to \multiplex" several user overlays. The MSON provider designs the backbone overlay for a large user pop- ulation and can therefore enjoy large scale economies and bene¯ts. Since the deployment of an MSON is a capital- intensive investment, it is very imperative to carefully design the MSON so that the ISP can make the best revenue out of this investment. In this paper, we formulate the back- bone design problem by taking into account ISP operational costs. We divide it into three sub-problems: overlay proxy placement, overlay link selection, and bandwidth dimension- ing. We propose several algorithms for each of these sub- problems. Through simulations, we study the e®ectiveness of di®erent overlay design algorithms, analyze their impact on multicast performance, and suggest some practical solu- tions for MSON design.

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International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS'05), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July. 2005


Li Lao
Jun-Hong Cui
Mario Gerla