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Routing in Clustered Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks with Fading Channel


A clusterhead-token infrastructure for multihop, mobile wireless networks has been designed. Traditional routing algorithms in wireline networks are not feasible for mobile wireless environment due to the dynamic change in link connectivity. To gain better performance for clustered multihop, mobile wireless networks, routing must take into account radio channel access, code scheduling, and channel reser- vation. In this paper, we propose some heuristic routing schemes for clustered multihop, mobile wireless networks. A packet delay improvement up to fourfold has been observed in our simulations compared with shortest-path scheme, making multimedia trac viable. A radio channel model has been included to investigate the impact of channel fading on our protocols. To reduce the run time, a parallel simulator has been designed. Speedups of up to tenfold have been observed on a 16 processor SP/2.

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Information & Date

SICON'97, , October. 1997


C.-C. Chiang
H.-K. Wu
W. Liu
Mario Gerla