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Performance of TCP over ATM for Various ABR Control Policies


Connectionless trac originating from LANs is carried as Available Bit Rate (ABR) trac in the ATM network and is subjected to ATM level flow control, either rate-based or credit-based. In addition, transport layer flow control (e.g. TCP window control) is applied at the end points. In this paper, we study the interaction between TCP and ATM flow controls. We use simulation to compare the "goodput" of different ABR flow control schemes and to evaluate the sensitivity to di erent parameter selections (e.g., TCP Maximum Segment Size (MSS), round trip delay, etc). The study uncovers an unfairness situation caused by the use of non uniform MSS values.

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Information & Date

ICCCN 96, Rockville, MD., January. 1996


Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos
Dirceu Cavendish
Vincenzo A. Signore
Mario Gerla