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QoS Routing Performance in a Multi-hop, Wireless Networks


In this paper, we propose an approach to QoS (Quality of Service) routing in a multimedia, multihop, wireless network. The wireless net can be either stand alone, or connected to the wired net. The main focus of the paper is the QoS routing procedure which can inform the source of the bandwidth and quality of service available to any destination in the wireless network. This knowledge enables the establishment of QoS connections within the wireless network and the efficient support of real time, multimedia traffic. In addition, it enables more effective call acceptance control. In the case of ATM interconnection, QoS information permits to extend the ATM virtual circuit service to the wireless network, with possible renegotiation of QoS parameters at the gateway. Simulation experiments show the efficiency of QoS routing in selected multihop, mobile radio network scenarios.

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Information & Date

ICUPC'97, , October. 1997


T.-W Chen
M. Gerla
J.T. Tsai