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Power-Aware Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


In this paper we present five different power-aware metrics based on battery power consumption at nodes for determining broadcast routes in wireless ad hoc networks. We show that using these metrics in a power-aware broadcasting algorithm reduces the cost/broadcast of routing packets to all destinations by 5-50%o ver a broadcast tree constructed using a greedy strategy based on network topology information only (this cost reduction is on top of a 40-70%red uction in energy consumption obtained by using PAMAS, our MAC layer protocol). We also show that the maximum node cost after many broadcasts is reduced by 20-150% with the power-aware algorithm compared to the nonpower- aware algorithm, thereby increasing the life of the network significantly. For comparison purposes, we also ran simulations with the flooding algorithm for broadcasting which performs worse by a factor of 10 compared to the power-aware algorithm. An interesting property of using power-aware broadcasting is that the average packet delays do not increase.

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Information & Date

Proceedings of IEEE PIMRC'99, Osaka, Japan, September. 1999


Suresh Singh
C. S. Raghavendra
J. Stepanek