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Performance Evaluation of TCP Based Applications using Double Constellation GEO/LEO Architecture


The implementation of an IP based worldwide network needs the availability of a very efficient satellite segment in order to achieve real global coverage. To this aim the satellite component shall provide flexibility and high link availability. Satellite systems based on the use of geostationary (GEO) or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations suffer from their intrinsic limitations in terms of coverage or flexibility. Traffic requirements concerning broadband services are expected to be very uneven both in time and in space. To match this requirement an innovative satellite system architecture, composed by a LEO segment to complement a GEO segment, has been proposed. In this scenario, the implications of using TCP/IP protocols must be evaluated to achieve real integration in the IP network. The paper, after describing the scenario and the main features of TCP/IP protocols over classical satellite links, will theoretically approach the implications at the TCP level due to the switching during data exchange between to segments characterized by different delays. Performance evaluation will be carried out for different system configurations utilizing ns-2 simulator where procedures representing this scenario have been modeled.

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Information & Date

Proceedings of 5th European Workshop on Mobile/Personal SatComs, EMPS02, Baveno, Italy, September. 2002


M. Luglio
J. Stepanek
Mario Gerla