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Throughput and Delay Performance of Mobile Internet Applications Using LEO Satellite Access


Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are an essentialcomplement of the cellular radio infrastructure, especially the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System(UMTS), for mobile (pedestrian and, more important,vehicular) access to the Internet in sparsely populatedareas, where high bandwidth UMTS cells cannot beeconomically deployed. LEO users would eventuallyswitch between the satellite segment and the terrestrial one depending on the environment in which they are located. In this paper we analyze various mobile Internetapplications in representative urban scenarios for twoexisting LEO systems. To this end, we develop a LEO channel propagation model that includes shadowing from surrounding building skylines, based on actual data in a built-up area. We consider “single satellite hop”transmissions from the mobile terminal to the satellite gateway. For this scenario, we compute via simulation the performance for FTP and HTTP applications as perceived by mobile users traveling at varying speeds along “urban canyons”. We then consider a multi-hop satellite pathbetween remote urban locations and evaluate theperformance of delay sensitive applications

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International Symposium on 3G Infrastructure and Services, Athens, July. 2001


P. Loreti
M. Luglio
R. Kapoor
J. Stepanek
M. Gerla
F. Vatalaro