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ATM Rate Based Congestion Control Using a Smith Predictor: An EPRCA Implementation


This paper presents a feedback control algorithm for ATM congestion control in which source rates are adjusted according to VC queue lengths at interme- diate nodes along the path. The goal is to " ll in" the residual bandwidth, without exceeding a speci ed queue threshold. In order to obtain this, we propose a simple and classical proportional controller, plus a Smith Predictor to overcome instabilities due to large propagation delays, as well as to avoid cell loss. We propose an e ective EPRCA implementation in which each source computes its input rate based on the max- imum VC queue length along the path. Theoretical and experimental results show that high throughput is achieved even with queue sizes independent of the round trip delay.

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Information & Date

Infocom 96, San Francisco, January. 1996


Saverio Mascolo
Dirceu Cavendish
Mario Gerla