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Proportional Rate-Based Congestion Control Under Long Propagation Delay


The occurence of congestion severely degrades the performance, especially in high-speed networks with long propagation delay relative to packet transmission time. This is becuase it is very likely that a large number of transit packets are flying over such networks at a time and many of them will get lost fi they arrive at some congested node. Among ways of controlling traffic to avoid congestion, this paper deals with a class of rate-based congestion controls (RBCC) which regulate input traddic based on feedback information about network congestion status. Although such mechanisms have been tudied recently, the mechanism to be considered, referred to as proportional RBCC, differs from them in that the amount of input traffic allowed to enter in the network is proportional to the network resourses available, keeping a closer track of the network resources than the previous ones, where the network status is described by two states, congested or not. The mechanism seeks an optimal network operating point, adapting to dynamic changes of carried traffic. We carry out the tability analysis and the transient analysis of some performance measures related to the proportional RBCC, and also addres fairness aspects in providing control to various ource-destination connections, while K. W. Fendick et al. have analysed the stability of a general calss of RBCC. Furthurmore, by making a comparison between the control mechanism analysed here and the ones based on binary feedback information, we show the effeciveness of the former.

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Information & Date

International Journal of Communication Systems Vol.8,79-89(1995), , January. 1995


Dirceu Cavendish
Y. Oie
Masayuki Murata
Hideo Miyahara