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Decentralized Optimization of Dynamic Bluetooth Scatternets


Previous work analytically showed that communication path length reduction is an efficient way for improving the performance of Bluetooth scatternets. Maintaining short communication paths is mainly important in dynamic scatternets with changing traffic flows, mobile nodes and in the presence of interference, when the network topology changes continuously. In this work we aim at demonstrating through simulations that in such dynamic scatternets by periodically reducing the path length (i.e. hop count) between the communicating nodes, the overall throughput supported by the network can be significantly increased and the available energy of nodes can be consumed more efficiently. For this purpose, we present a distributed technique for repeatedly re-configuring the scatternet topology such that to support the current traffic flows between all of the communicating peers with a small number of hops.

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Information & Date

In Proceedings of the Second Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: networking and services (, San Diego, CA, July. 2005


Sewook Jung
Csaba Kiss Kall´o
Mauro Brunato
Mario Gerla