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A Rate Based Back-pressure Flow Control for the Internet


The Internet has traditionally relied on end-to-end congestion control performed at the transport layer by TCP. In this paper, we discuss the limitations of this approach to address the large number of flows and the large delay-bandwidth product scenarios typical of next generation Internets. As a result, we propose a link layer back-pressure flow control which can be applied to Internet backbones over ATM. More precisely, we use the ABR service and flow control, where routers become virtual sources (VSs) and virtual destinations (VDs) for the ABR control loop. We introduce a VS/VD "behavior " that implements a rate based backpressure flow control and that addresses max-min fairness. Finally, for the case of edge router connectivity to the ATM network (as opposed to ATM all the way to the host), we discuss approaches that can be used to convey ATM rate control indications to TCP sources connected to legacy LANs

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Information & Date

HPN 1998, Vienna, Austria, January. 1998


C. M. D. Pazos
M. Gerla