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Fast and Fair Event Delivery in Large Scale Online Games over Heterogeneous Networks


The increasing need for people to be always connected, as well as the request fo new amusement applications, poses several interesting issues in wireless networks Nowadays, two main reasons are motivating several researchers around the world in striving to find effective solutions for these issues. First, revenues generated ever year by electronic amusements follow a trend which is expected to increase further Second, but certainly not less important, problems that emerge in developing innovative entertaining experiences are correlated with those belonging to variou other “conventional” research fields in Computer Science. In this context, online games for a large group of contemporary players ar gaining attention as their participants are increasing in number. From a research point of view, they represent a very interesting and challenging topic especially in wireless environments. In this scenario, in fact, many issues arise such a authentication, session handling, interactivity, scalability and mobility, which are jus a few and the more obvious of them. We propose a scalable architecture to provide a cutting-edge online gaming experience to engaged players. Exploiting a hybrid solution, we combine both th advantages of client-server and peer-to-peer paradigms. As part of our architecture we have designed a synchronization mechanism among mirrored game servers. Ou mechanism exploits the semantics of a game and follows a holistic approach to increase interactivity, fairness, and scalability, while maintaining full consistency o the game state. We provide extensive results that demonstrate our assertion.

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Information & Date

PhD. Dissertation, , March. 2006


Claudio Enrico Palazzi
Mario Gerla