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ESCORT: A Decentralized and Localized Access Control System for Mobile Wireless to Secured Domains


In this work we design and implement ESCORT, a backward compatible, efficient, and secure access control system, to facilitate mobile wireless access to secured wireless LANs. In mobile environments, a mobile guest may frequently roam into foreign domains while demanding critical network services. ESCORT provides instant yet secure access to the mobile guest based on the concept of "escort", which refers to a special network object with four distinct properties: (1) The escort is already a trusted permanent or semi-permanent component of the secured wireless LAN; (2) The mobile guest and the escort have established transient but mutual trust; (3) Communication between the escort and its guests is localized. The escort forwards data packets between the mobile guest and the LAN; (4) The implementation of escort can be mobile and tamper-resistant, thus it can roam with the mobile guest without being compromised. Existing network concepts (e.g., router, gateway) and security concepts (e.g., existing access control models and authorities) do not possess at least one of the four essential properties. As a permanent component of wireless LAN, the communication channel between the escort and the LAN can be secured by effective countermeasures like 802.11i TKIP and AES-CCMP. Therefore, ESCORT addresses the challenge of providing efficient mobile privacy support between the escort and its mobile guests. Three aspects of mobile privacy, namely content privacy, identity privacy, and location privacy are covered in ESCORT design to maximize the protection offered to ESCORT's mobile guests. We use actual implementation to demonstrate that ESCORT design is feasible and efficient

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Information & Date

Second ACM Workshop on Wireless Security (WiSe'03) in conjunction with MOBICOM'03, , January. 2003


Jiejun Kong
Shirshanka Das
Edward Tsai
Mario Gerla