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Permissible Throughput Network Feedback for Adaptive Multimedia in AODV MANETs


Higher layer protocols in wireless networks need to dynamically adapt to observed network response. A common approach is for each protocol to employ an end-to-end monitoring and measuring mechanism and estimate quantities of interest, usually related to delay, latency or bandwidth. A less conventional approach is to employ network layer feedback mechanisms in place or in aid of end-to-end efforts. In this paper we use an 802.11-based link throughput and permissible throughput measurement. In our experiments these source-destination pair permissible throughput measurement are propagated in a multi-hop network using the AODV algorithm. In this setting, we are investigating how source rate adaptive multimedia applications can make use of this network feedback. We find that the investigated network feedback approach provides a strong network control feature, an accurate and timely available measurement at the sources, while the overhead of supporting and maintaining it is minimal. Finally, we argue that network based feedback approaches are particularly promising for higher layer protocol support and soft-QoS support in wireless networks.

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Information & Date

ICC 2001, Helsinki, Finland, June. 2001


Sung-Ju Lee
Mario Gerla