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Adaptive Security for Multi-layer Ad-hoc Networks


Secure communication is critical in military environments in which the network infrastructure vulnerable to various attacks and compromises. A conventional centralized solution breaks down wh the security servers are destroyed by the enemies this paper we design and evaluate a security framework for multilevel ad hoc wireless network with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In battlefields, the framework adapts to the continge damages on the network infrastructure. Depending on the availability of the network infrastructure, our design is composed of two modes. In infrastructure mode, security services, specifically the authentication services, are implemented on UAVs that feature low overhead and flexible managements. When the UAVs fail o are destroyed, our system seamlessly switches to infrastructureless mode, a backup mechanism tha maintains comparable security services among th surviving units. In the infrastructureless mode, th security services are localized to each node’s vicinity to comply with the ad hoc communicatio mechanism in the scenario. We study the instantiation of these two modes and the transitio between them. Our implementation and simulatio measurements confirm the effectiveness of our design

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Special Issue of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, , January. 2002


Jiejun Kong