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Topology Design of Multiservice ATM Networks


In an ATM network, topology design and bandwidth allocation are required in order to meet user trficc demands and to guarantee an acceptable performance. However, since the offered traffic pattern constantly varies it is necessary that the network be provided with some form of dynamic topology reconguration capability. This capability will also enable the network to recover from facility failures. In this paper we present two approaches which may be useful for dynamic reconguration of ATM networks. In the first approach we minimize the weighted average call blocking probability, in the second, we minimize network utilization. In both cases we guarantee a maximum cell propagation delay, a maximum call blocking probability for each service type between any node pairs, and a maximum cell loss probability for each service type. These parameters characterize the Quality Of Service (QOS) requirements the ATM network will have to meet.

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Information & Date

ITS'94, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January. 1994


Carlos Marcelo Dias Pazos
Jose Augusto Suruagy Monteiro
Mario Gerla